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2s112709 of Kansas City

Have police in the US gone crazy? Most of it is a misunderstanding of what actually happens in a use-of-force situation, police capabilities, and what suspects do and are capable of. Some are outright lies, like the Michael Brown case. Witnesses lied, the media reported the lies, people believed the lies, so a city got burned down, a cop who did nothing wrong was forced to resign, and a city was changed forever. The media goes with controversial headlines and blurbs to make it seem like police are in the wrong. You hear and/or see "Police shoot unarmed man", and you will automatically assume excessive force. People will associate "unarmed" with "not a threat". People are also used to superhero cops on TV and movies and find it unbelievable that we are actually regular humans and we are affected by stress, adrenaline and fatigue just like everyone else. People also can't appreciate how bad a situation can go from bad to absolutely fucked up. Most shootings are not long, drawn out scenarios that give you time to retreat, take cover and analyze the situation. You usually have a few seconds at best to take in all available information and act on it. Real life is also pretty ugly. There are certain neighborhoods that are literally like hostile territory. Gangs or drug dealers run them and they are hostile to police. You can not put on a smile and play officer friendly in these places. All-in-all, I don't believe police in the US have gone crazy, or have exploded in excessive force. I think it's a public perception thing, and actual brutality cases and unjustified shootings are extremely rare. Most police interactions go without a hitch, whether it's with a dumb teenager or hardcore felon. We only hear about it when someone ends up hurt.

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Diana Landry of El Portal FL

Hello I would like to start a conversation here about Dish Network cable TV services because I have been hearing some good things about them but we have never had satellite TV services before so I'm a little hesitant and need some encouraging. I've been with another company a long time and I like them but the bill keeps going up and every time I talk to them and they give me a promotion then a few months later the bill goes up even more than before. It took 2 years to get them to correct the spelling of my name. And I've had some terrible battles with them about their bad receiver boxes. I'm just ready to switch and I'm thinking I would like to try Dish. What can you tell me about them?

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Cheryl M of Benson

Are there any appetite suppressant diet pills out there that has actually worked for you? I'm looking for something to take the edge off. Back in 2005 I was using Acutrim and I was looking so good and then they took it off the market. It was the best. It did not give me the jitters like all the other diet pills do and it did not keep me awake at night. I am not interested in hearing from ppl with their advice and opinions on losing weight. I only want to hear about the pills and your experience with them so I can decide what to buy. Thank you very much.

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Cheryl M of Benson

Has anyone been watching the real Housewives of Beverly Hills lately. If so, I would really like to know what you think of the new girl Erika Jayne. At first, I thought she was unique and that her husband Thomas Girardi may have been really onto something special when he found her. But turns out lately my thoughts about her are changing. Did you see the episode when was she going down to San Diego to put on a show and she got a phone call from him. The expression on her face when she hung up seemed to say it all. And now I think her feelings for him are not as genuine as she would like for you to think. And what about how she denied - or should I say lied - about telling Yolanda that Lisa Vanderpump was questioning her childrens exposure to Lime Disease. Well, I guess once a golddigger is always a gold digger. And Erika Jayne or Erika Girardi, or whatever she calls herself, certainly seems to wear the label very well. Pun intended.

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Richard of Mobile, Alabama

I just want to say that I keep sitting here looking at all these VHS movies that I collected over the years and I made the mistake of getting rid of my VHS player and now I dont know where to get another one because they dont make them anymore. What the heck they think we supposed to do with all these movies? I dont want to get rid of them, I want to watch them. Where can I get a player?

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Maurita Hannah of Harrisburg

Has anyone noticed that Godaddy keeps going up and up on their prices and we are now paying almost double what we paid about this time last year. It seems they are suddenly trying to make up for all the domain name renewal coupon codes that were used in the past.

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Joshua of The Islands

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Bookkid900 of United States

Anime is basically any Japanese animation. Unlike the popular cartoons of the west such as “Futurama” or “The Simpsons” anime differs in a multitude of ways. First off, the audio is in Japanese which can be a big barrier to most people but there are also English dubs which come out after a year or more. These dubs are not guaranteed nor are they consistent in quality. Secondly, the art style is extremely varied from the surrealistic alternate dimensions of “Madoka Magica” to the extremely realistic such as in the movie, “5 Centimeters Per Second”. Not only is the art style varied, but so are the stories for you can go from having a story about seven heroes throughout time duke it out for the wish granting Holy Grail as in “Fate/Zero” and “Fate/Stay Night” to the shows about an afternoon light music.

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Bookkid900 of United States

If you are a college student, or teacher with a .edu email address and want to save money on Amazon by not having to pay for shipping or $100 a year for prime look at the student version. It has all of the benefits of the regular prime including streaming, 2 day shipping, kindle library and special student discounts for only $50 a year. (It used to be $40, but the recent price hike brought it up $10).

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Oculus of Columbia, Tennessee

My wife is a big fan of low-budget horror on Netflix. We recently saw a very movie called Absentia, that while low budget, delivered some good scares and was quite original. The director of Absentia recently came out with his new movie Oculus. We were very excited so as soon as we got rid of our toddler for the weekend, we bought matinee tickets. The director did a good job with a unique vision and good psychological thrills, but its execution was ultimately flawed. The story revolves around a family affected by a haunted mirror with a conveniently vague and generic backstory. There was no reason to why it was haunted, just that it killed people in whichever house it was in. Eventually it winds up in the Russell home, the family we focus on for the length of the movie. We are led to believe in the beginning.

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Lisa of Vermillion, SD

There are a lot of horrible things on the grocery shelves nowadays and we are putting that processed and bleached food into our bodies. It is no wonder why we get exhausted so quickly or we do not want to exercise when there is a whole bag of Cheetos in our stomachs being slowly digested. I really do think one of the best ways to kickstart your body and for you to feel better is to do some juicing! People who juice are able to get really awesome fruits and veggies added to their diet without the hassle of carrying them around all day or dealing with orange peels or tons of seeds. You get all your vitamins, minerals, and you get hydrated while giving your body exactly what it needs.

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Skief of Houston, TX

I wonder why the dorsel fin of male orcas in captivity collapse? I think because these whales are depressed.

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Can anyone answer Skief's question about male orcas dorsel fins collapsing?

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